Best TIG Welders for Aluminum 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

TIG welding is one of the recent welding techniques which is used for better weld precision. But as a welder, you should choose the right TIG machine for the type of metal you are going to weld. If you are purchasing just for home use, then you may choose a simple DC TIG machine. But you should choose A/C TIG machines to get quality results as these are the Best TIG Welders for Aluminum.

As a beginner, you should first understand the difference between AC and DC TIG welding machines. The current in the DC TIG welder flows in one direction only and sometimes it falls to zero during the process. But in the case of the AC TIG machine, the current flows in a dual direction and never falls to zero until the welding process ends. This dual-direction flow creates more penetration in the metal due to which AC TIG welder is more suitable for aluminum TIG welding.

DC TIG welder works fine for all the metals except aluminum. Therefore, we are reviewing here some best customer-reviewed affordable, and durable quality aluminum TIG welders. You may easily choose from the list for your project.

Best TIG Welders for Aluminum


Highlights – Best TIG Welders for Aluminum: –


Weldpro Digital TIG200GD - Best TIG Welders Under $1000

Weldpro TIG 200GD
  • Input: 120-240V
  • Output:  5-200A
  • Duty Cycle: 60%

Lotos TIG200 reviews Best TIG Welder Under 1000

Lotos TIG200
  • Input: 110-220V
  • Output: 10-200A
  • Duty Cycle: 60%

Best TIG Welders Under $1000

AHP Alpha TIG200
  • Input: 110-220V
  • Output: 10-200A
  • Duty Cycle: 60%

Lincoln Electric TIG 200

Lincoln Square Wave TIG200
  • Input: 110-220V
  • Output: 10-125A
  • Duty Cycle: 25%

MTS-205 Amico 205Amp TIG Welder

AMICO Power MTS 205Amp
  • Input: 110-230V
  • Output: 10-170A
  • Duty Cycle: 60%

Hobart 500551 EZ

Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG
  • Input: 230V
  • Output: 10-165A
  • Duty Cycle: 20%

Miller Electric Diversion-180 TIG Welder

Miller Electric Diversion 180
  • Input: 120-240V
  • Output: 10-180A
  • Duty Cycle: 35%

Best TIG Welders for Aluminum

Everlast PowerTIG 200DV
  • Input: 120-240V
  • Output: 5-200A
  • Duty Cycle: 60%

Reviews Detail of Best TIG Welders for Aluminum: –

  1. Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD: –

Weldpro Digital TIG200GD - Best TIG WeldersSpecifications:

Input Voltage: 110 - 240V
Duty Cycle: 60%
Output Range: 5 - 200A
Output Type: AC/DC
Weight: 53.3 Pounds
Dimensions: 33.1 x 20.3 x 12.8
Warranty: 12 months


You are a beginner, hobbyist, or professional welder Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD is the best choice for you. This is affordable and best-priced TIG welding for aluminum you will found anywhere. The variety of features in this machine is matchless.

Firstly, you can use it as a DC TIG welder for metals like steel, stainless steel, and copper. Secondly, you can switch to the AC TIG welding option for aluminum material. This machine is using IGBT circuits and PWM technology which has reduced its weight and increased its 30% efficiency over other aluminum TIG welding machines.

It has a digital display screen through which you can easily configure the setting as per project requirements. Specifically, you can set the high-frequency start which gives better results for welding aluminum.

The duty cycle of the DC TIG is 40% and for AC TIG it is 60% at full amperage. Further, this high duty cycle helps to finish the longer projects. There is a different wide amperage range for stick (20-180 Amp) and TIG welding (5-200 Amp).

5Amp Low start also makes this machine suitable for thinner gauge metals and avoids burning metal. TIG 200GD is also available with an option to add CK worldwide superflux cable and flex head with some additional charge.

The machine has 2T-4T touch control, start and end amps, upslope downslope, AC balance, and a dedicated foot control pedal. In addition, you can control all these features from its easy-to-understand display screen. TIG 200GD has a 5-year spare parts warranty so make this a reliable option for beginners.

If you are looking for Best TIG Welders for Aluminum then Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD is best for you. In other words, it has a high-frequency start and wide amperage range, and a reliable foot pedal which makes the aluminum welding process easier.

  • Excellent for professional use
  • Fully adjustable pulse and arc balance
  • It can be used for almost all types of metals
  • Includes all necessary TIG welding functions
  • Best value for money
  • Not easy to switch
  • A bit tricky configuration
  1. Lotos TIG200 TIG Welder: –

Lotos TIG200 reviewsSpecifications:

Input Voltage: 110/220V
Duty Cycle: 60%
Output Range: 10-200A
Weight: 58 Pounds
Dimensions: 28 x 13 x 17
Warranty: 1 Years
Rating: 4.3/5
Discount: 22%


Lotos TIG200 is another economical TIG welder which you can also use for various metals including aluminum. This machine works fine for all types of metals even on thinner gauge sheets.

There are two models available for this TIG machine, with a pulse and without a pulse. This pulse feature is good for inexperienced welders or beginners. Many experienced welders do not need this pulse feature so prefer the other one.

This machine has a high-frequency start, hand control torch, and a foot pedal which gives precise aluminum welding with better heat control. Therefore, you can use this machine as MMA/Stick welder with an easy start and stable arc. Above all, you can improve the machine arc starting function by adjusting the hot striking arc.

TIG200 is a compact and versatile machine that provides various options, using which you can get fine aluminum welding up to 3/8’’. Furthermore, this is an affordable tig welding machine from where you can experience industrial-level features.

This is an amazing multi-process machine that you can use for TIG, Stick, and Plasma cutting with stable and durable high performance. When you are working on the different projects simultaneously, you can save up to ten settings and can switch across these settings. But you cannot use this for MIG welding.

There is a dual voltage 110/220V option in this machine so, you can switch between the machine voltages as per the process requirements. You will get a complete set of quality accessories like a Power supply, TIG torch, Argon Regulator, MMA/Stick clamp, Converter Pigtail, Consumable kit, and a manual.

If you are searching for the best budget TIG welder for aluminum and at the same time you have other projects too, then Lotos TIG200 will be a great option to choose as a multi-process welder.

  • Easy heat control with foot pedal
  • With & without pulse models available
  • High-Frequency start and hand-controlled torch
  • Suitable for welding a wide range of metals
  • Advanced PAPST cooling system
  • Inconsistent quality work
  1. AHP AlphaTIG200 TIG Welder:

AHP AlphaTIG 200X - Best TIG Welders

Input Voltage: 110 - 220V
Duty Cycle: 60%
Output Range: 10 - 200A
Weight: 69 Pounds
Dimensions: 19 x 23 x 12
Warranty: 3 Years
Discount: 10%


AHP Alpha TIG200 is also one of the best TIG welders under $1000 which works equally well for all type of metals including aluminum. This welding machine has advanced IGBT inverter technology along with pulse width modulation to give a strong power source.

High frequency starts with dual input voltage (110/220V) and wide output amperage (10-200Amp) has made this machine excellent for aluminum welding. This machine also performs equally well for all types of thinner gauges.

The quality of work is highly professional and is rarely available when you have budget issues. This high performance with Alpha TIG200 is due to quality pulse features and better cleaning control FOR AC. Some of its functions are quite competitive with the premium TIG welders.

The consumables available with this machine are all high quality. Specifically, the foot pedal control is excellent for better heat control which makes this machine perfect for areas with a warm environment.

The duty cycle of AHP Alpha TIG200 is 60% at 200Amp and 100% at 150Amp which is good for all type of longer or shorter projects. This machine user interface is very easy to set and best for beginners due to three years warranty.

If you are working on thinner gauge metals, then this machine has clean and fine results up to ¼’’ for aluminum and 3/8’’ for mild steel. Most of the TIG welders burn the metal surface while dealing with thinner gauges but there is no such issue for AHP Alpha TIG200. [More budget TIG welders]

However, the features available in this machine are matchless in this price range and will be the best choice for you. In fact, this is one of the Best cheap Aluminum welders in the specialized category.

  • Precise and neat welding on thinner gauges
  • Portable, easy to use, and carry
  • Long warranty duration
  • Efficient results on aluminum
  • Advanced Inverter Technology
  • Foot pedal allignment needs improvement
  1. Lincoln Square Wave TIG200 TIG Welder: –

Lincoln Electric TIG 200 - Best TIG WeldersSpecifications:

Input Voltage: 120 - 220V
Duty Cycle: 25% @ 200Amp
Output Range: 10 - 125A
Output Type: AC/DC
Weight: 73 Pounds
Dimensions: 22 x 13.1 x 21


Lincoln Square Wave TIG200 is a specialized TIG welder which is made for aluminum fabrication projects. But along with aluminum, you can also use this machine for welding other metals. It is a versatile unit which has all type of premium features that are needed for welding projects.

Though it is one of the expensive TIG welding machines the features and accessories it provides are quite enough for major fabrication projects. You can carry this machine and may plug it anywhere as per the need.

This machine can provide a tighter welding bead in aluminum welding projects. Furthermore, users can easily adjust AC frequency instantly as per the requirement. This instant action gives better cleaning and weld penetration.

It has an easy user interface that beginners can set. Therefore, beginners can easily learn from basic functions, after building some confidence they can take advantage of additional features as professional. It has a smooth and stable arc for aluminum and other metals in both AC and DC welding.

Lincoln Square Wave TIG200 works on dual voltage 120/230V and wide output amperage for both TIG and Stick welding. And the machine is lightweight and portable as well. There is a defined limit of AC frequency and AC balance so the user can easily set the balance as per cleaning, penetration, and bead width, and focus requirements.

Overall, the price of the machine can be justified by its variety of features but still, it is quite expensive for beginners or hobbyists. They may go for any other cheap TIG welder. On the other side, this may excellently fulfill the professional TIG welder needs.

  • Dual functions of TIG and Stick welding
  • Quality components including torch and foot pedal
  • Portable, easy to carry everywhere
  • Best results for aluminum
  • Easy user interface
  • Advance updated technology
  • Expensive for welders with budget constraint
  1. AMICO Power 205Amp TIG Welder: –


Input Voltage: 110/230V
Duty Cycle: 60%
Output Range: 10-170Amp
Output Type: AC
Weight: 27 Pounds
Dimensions: 18 x 9 x 14 inches
Rating: 4.3/5


AMICO has introduced Power 205 Amp which is an incredibly good TIG welding machine. But this machine is mostly ignored due to other well-known brands. This machine has some premium features which are rarely available in this price range and best for beginner’s practice.

MTS-205 Amp can weld a wide range of metals like steel, mild steel, alloy, stainless steel, copper, cast iron, and up to ½ aluminum’’. In addition, this machine has very smooth and stable arc capability with MIG, Stick, and TIG functions.

AMICO is also providing some quality accessories with this machine which other brands provide at an additional cost. This machine is lightweight, you can easily carry it anywhere and durable due to its one-year warranty. The results of MTS-205 are excellent for home use and auto-body shops.

You can use this machine with all types of solid, flux, and aluminum wire. The output range for a TIG welding machine in this budget is low, but MTS-205 has a range of 10-205Amp. Same as this duty cycle of this machine is 60% for all MIG, Stick, TIG functions.

In a price and features comparison, most welders do not rate this machine better among its competitors. But this is a complete package for beginners who may learn all types of welding processes in a practical way. If you are looking for an affordable multi-process welder with an aluminum welding function, then you may choose this machine which has most of the premium features.

  • Synergic control, precise end results
  • Automatic gas control and smooth wire feed
  • Better voltage fluctuation control
  • Better temeprature control
  • Comparatively Economic Option
  • Not suitable for heavy professional tasks
  1. Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG Welder: –

Hobart 500551 EZ - Best TIG WeldersSpecifications:

Input Voltage: 230V
Duty Cycle: 20% @ 165Amp
Output Range: 10 - 165A
Output Type: AC/DC
Weight: 60 Pounds
Dimensions: 26.8 x 13.7 x 20.8
Discount: 19%


If you are looking for the best aluminum TIG welder with an easy user interface, then Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG Welder is the one you should choose. The quality of accessories and features are the best fit for professional and industrial use.

You can weld all types of metals with an EZ-TIG machine in a matter of no time. Whether the material is thicker or thinner you can weld that easily with this unit. Further, it has a high-frequency arc start with high arc penetration which is good for better aluminum welding. High Frequency also reduces the contamination and provides a clean welding bead.

Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG Welder has both AC and DC options with wide amperage output of 10-165Amp and dual voltage of 110/220V. In this unit, there is a Fan that you can use to pull the dust out which also keeps the machine cool in warmer surroundings.

It is a 60 Pounds inverter-based design with a foot pedal for better control. Furthermore, the single-knob control made the welding process easy with Hobart 500551. Therefore through this easy welding process, you just have to select the material thickness and after connecting the shielding gas you will be ready to start the process.

In conclusion, Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG is one of the best TIG welders for aluminum with all premium features and is easy to set up. Yes, it is expensive for beginner and home use but if you want to enjoy the professional and industrial TIG welder this can be a better option.

  • Works for both AC and DC
  • Easy to use interface
  • Works on dual input voltage
  • High-frequency start
  • Relatively stable arc
  • Best for beginners and hobbyist
  • Hardly suitable for a wide range of metal thickness
  • Expensive for beginners
  1. Miller Electric Diversion 180 TIG Welder: –

Miller Electric Diversion-180 TIG WelderSpecifications:

Input Voltage: 120/240V
Duty Cycle: 35%
Output Range: 10-180 Amp
Output Type: AC/DC
Weight: 65 Pounds
Dimensions: 26.5 x 13.5 x 21.5 inches
Rating: 4.5/5


If you have a bit of experience, then you will know that Miller Electric is one of the well-known manufacturers of welding accessories. Though Diversion-180 is not among the Best TIG Welders for Aluminum still it has great results on thinner gauges due to the lower amperage range.

It has a great compact design and amazing portability features. You may carry it anywhere due to its lightweight and adjustable handle and shoulder strap. Diversion-180 provides you superior arc start with the best puddle control in all types of TIG functions.

This machine has dual voltage 120/240V with a wide amperage range 10-180Amp to weld aluminum, steel, and stainless steel up to the thickness of 3/16 inches. Therefore, you can use Diversion-180 for all DIY, professional, and industrial welding projects.

The machine has an easy user interface that you as a beginner can easily understand and run as per the project needs. For instance, you just have to select the welding process either AC/DC TIG after turning its power on. Then set the amperage to start the weld.

With Miller adaptive hot start technology, you can enjoy a superior stick arc performance and you have to worry about difficult-to-strike electrodes. In addition, this machine comes with an air-cooled torch in a durable and compact design which is ideal for hobbyists and professional welders.

There is a Fan-On-Demand option as a cooling system, you can use it to control the heat and reduce the noise and power consumption by switching it off. Furthermore, there is an auto post-flow feature through which you can optimize post-flow time based on amperage. Above all, the optimized pre-flow and post-flow save the wastage of expensive shielding gas.

If you are looking for Best TIG Welder for industrial level usage, then Diversion-180 can be your choice. But as a beginner or home user, you should not choose this expensive TIG welder. There are many other options to start with like AHP Alpha.

  • The latest technology with updated features
  • Better remote amperage foot control
  • Power saving Fan-on-Demand
  • Can be used for all types of thicker and thinner materials
  • Good for projects outside due to portability
  • Can deal with all types of metals
  • Fan is too noisy at low amperage
  1. 2019 Everlast PowerTIG 200DV: –

Best TIG Welders for AluminumSpecifications:

Input Voltage: 120/240V
Duty Cycle: 60%
Output Range: 5-200Amp
Output Type: AC/DC
Weight: 60 Pounds
Dimensions: 24 x 9 x 17 inches
Rating: 4.9/5
Discount: 15%


Here we are going to discuss a monster PowerTIG 200DV by Everlast which they introduced back in 2019. Further, this product has got some amazing customer reviews for its stable performance efficiency and versatility.

You will get IGBT inverter technology and dual voltage 120/240V (single phase) capability in PowerTIG 200DV. In addition, beginners can easily understand and control through the color-coded digital display screen. Moreover, this machine can perform at 5Amp low amperage in DC TIG and at 20Amp for AC TIG which is a kind of amazing job.

In this unit, you may configure pre-flow and post-flow settings to protect and save the expensive shielding gas. Here you may also set an ideal cleaning to penetration ratio of 30-70% during the AC TIG process. As a Stick welder, in this machine arc force control helps you to reduce spatter and improve arc performance

The display screen shows the pulse range from 0.5-150 Hz through which you can easily set it to achieve the desired precision level in DC and AC mode. You can use this machine for thinner gauges for both TIG and Stick welding processes. In addition, for better heat control you can use air-cooled or water-cooled TIG torches as an optional accessory.

Work clamp and DINSE style connectors and foot pedal are also available for easy non-contact control. Along with portability, its weight is 60 pounds which are still heavy to carry but can be managed to move with amazing dimensions and a strong and compact design.

Such versatility in features is rarely available, in this budget with different optional accessories you can use for AC/DC TIG and Stick functions. You can use this machine for all types of metals with great reliability due to 5 years long warranty. Therefore, you may consider this among the top Best TIG Welders for aluminum with the best customer reviews.[More Reviews]

  • Easy user interface with color-coded controls
  • Better Arc performance
  • Low amperage start, better for thinner gauges
  • Single and Multi-Pass Welds
  • Better Precision with Digital Display Screen
  • Portable and Easy to Carry
  • Expensive for beginners or for home use

Buying Guide for Best TIG Welders for Aluminum:

Welding aluminum is different and even more difficult than welding other metals. Further, there are some focus points and features you must investigate as a buyer. Finally, going through this checklist will help you to decide the Best TIG Welders for aluminum.

  1. AC TIG Machine: –

When you are going to weld aluminum, you will need more penetration to avoid oxidation and get clean work. This extra penetration may only be performed by an AC TIG machine due to the constant flow of current. DC TIG welder can weld other metals like steel, stainless steel, copper, etc. but is not suitable for aluminum. So always go with an AC TIG machine for aluminum welding.

  1. Long Duty Cycle: –

The process of aluminum welding needs continuous consistent weld capability in the TIG welder. Because for aluminum welding extra penetration will be required for which consistent weld is required. Moreover, this consistent weld is only possible with the long duty cycle of the TIG welder. Finally, the duty cycle in the range of 40%-60% at high amperage with good arc capability is good for Best TIG Welders for aluminum.

  1. Digital Display Screen: –

There are some welding points that need extra precision and cleaning. Firstly, through the digital display screen in the TIG welders, you will be able to configure the exact settings to achieve better results. Secondly, there are some welders who save up to 10 settings and this feature is highly recommended for welders who require repeat processes.

  1. Portability and Weight: –

Sometimes for outdoor projects portability is the main concern to look for along with the weight of the welding machine. Moreover, carrying a heavy machine of 100 Pounds is more difficult than a lightweight 60 Pounds machine. For example, you will need to prioritize or do a cost-benefit analysis that how much work is outdoor?

  1. Price, Budget & Warranty: –

When there is a budget constraint while purchasing a TIG welder then do not overlook the features requires to perform the welding task. Yes, price is the point of concern, but you should also consider the TIG machine features. As a beginner or hobbyist, you should also check and purchase machines with a long warranty duration.

  1. Air-Cooled, Water-Cooled TIG torches: –

Aluminum welding requires continuous arc penetration in the metal to weld. Moreover, this process creates heat, and TIG torches also get heated. Further, you can use Air-cooled and Water-cooled TIG torches as per the availability of air and water. While using an air-cooled TIG torch you have to stop the work when the torch gets heated but in the case of a water-cooled TIG torch, you will be able to use that without stopping the work. In Conclusion, a water-cooled TIG torch is highly recommended in a warm environment.

  1. Material Thickness Assessment: –

You must check low amperage performance while purchasing a TIG welder for aluminum or any other metals. For example, if you are going to weld thinner gauge material, then it is necessary to start at low amperage to avoid the material burning.

Conclusion: –

We have reviewed some quality TIG Welders for aluminum with strong customer reviews. So you can easily choose your required machine. In addition, we have also provided a buying guide from where you may understand the purpose of some basic features required to weld aluminum.

In our view, for Best TIG Welders for Aluminum with some budget constraint, then AHP AlphaTIG 200X is good to choose with easy-to-understand features. Everlast PowerTIG 200DV is another good option due to its AC/DC diverse features furthermore, it has excellently low arc capability for thinner gauge materials.


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